A Decorative Late 19thC Glass Apothecary Poison Bottle for Sub-Chloride of Mercury


Origin: English
Period: Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900
Base Diameter: 3.25 inches
Height: 7.5 inches

The clear glass bottle with frosted neck and square cut glass stopper with two applied labels, HYDRARG. SUBCHLOR. (Hydrargyri Subchloridum) and POISON. These labels we think were applied at different stages of the bottles life, the upper being slightly later.

The neck has a chipped crack to it but the rest of the whole is sound and the labels still vivid. There are some remnants of the substance in the bottle (so please be careful).*

Mercuric chloride is a very poisonous form of mercury. It is a type of mercury salt with poisonous trace elements of arsenic used to treat syphilis amongst other ailments.

A bottle that has great display quality, adding an instant macabre effect to any interior. Just don’t open it.

*Doe & Hope can take no responsibility of the handling or use of the contents of the bottle post sale