A German Tinplate Clockwork ‘Jolly Clown’ c.1920

Origin: German
Period: Early 20thC
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1920-30
Height: 6.75” (at maximum)
Width: 3”
Depth: 3”

The charming mechanical toy in the form of the head and shoulders of a laughing clown wearing a Pierrot hat with red pom poms to a red and black painted face and ruff with black chequered suit, the whole being flat lithographed and mounted on a clockwork motor operating a cam which moves the mouth and head in a jaunty manner and surviving from 1920s Germany.

The condition, considering the age and fragility of the toy, is still sound with the mechanism working, as per the video provided. There is light wear to the paintwork.

This would have been boxed with the patent by DRGM of West Germany and there was another variation being the Sambo Clown.

A beautiful decorative artwork as much as a childhood delight.