A Good c.1930 Art Deco Period Leather Club Sofa

Origin: English
Period: Art Deco
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1925-35
Height: 31.5 inches
Width: 62 inches
Depth: 36 inches
(all at maximum)

The early twentieth century quality leather and close studwork upholstered two-seater sofa, hailing from the Art Deco period, having cigar shaped arms, the whole of deep and roomy proportions sitting on Deco inspired angular fanned feet.

In what we like to describe as ‘country house condition’, the sofa is in fair to good overall condition. She does not require re-springing or any major structural repairs and she is sturdy and with no replacement parts. The leather to the whole is of good quality and is worn, but appealingly so, now wonderfully supple. There are old patches and three tears present to include one to the lower front, four to her back, two of which are patched and one area of peel to a shoulder. Although none of the tears are too detrimental to the whole, indeed they could be repaired, she is suitably priced to reflect these imperfections.

The word "club" in club chair harks back to the gentlemen's clubs in nineteenth century England where a gentleman could go to get away from his household (including womenfolk). Once there, he would sink into a well-upholstered leather chair and relax with a drink and perhaps a cigar. The names of the fashionable London streets full of such clubs are still used to name classic club chairs : St. James, Piccadilly and so on. A dictionary definition of a club chair or sofa is "A heavily upholstered piece of furniture with arms and a low back". Art deco club chairs and sofas became popular and are particularly associated with France, although in the French tradition, these may be more formal and less bouncy than chairs from Britain or the USA.

Time to sink into something sumptuous is it not?