A Good Early 20thC Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Cardinal by E.J. Harrington c.1905

Origin: English
Period: Edwardian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1904-09
Canvas: 24.25 inches x 20.25 inches

The early twentieth century oil on canvas portrait of an English cardinal in later life, in a black overcoat with scarlet scarf, the work signed lower right E.J. Harrington surviving from Edwardian period England.

The picture is a little dirty and may benefit from a light clean and its condition would be described best as poor to fair. There is some craquelure to the whole and some crease markings especially to the top right and middle right sections of the canvas. There are two or three sections of damage. It shows its age and remains un-meddled with aside from having been re-lined at some stage. It could be restored of course but we do favour pictures that are not perfect and its quality still shines through.

Indeed, the artist has beautifully captured the nobility and humility of this cardinal by depicting him in profile against an atmospheric sea green ground. His wash of silver hair is picked out by the play of light to his forehead and the detail to his facial features, and the use of light on these features, is accomplished.

In 1904 Miss Emily J Harrington exhibited a painting titled "Farmer's Daughter" at the Royal Academy. Then, in 1905, she showed a painting titled "Restless Spirit" again at the Academy and she was living at 50 Buckingham Palace Rd, in London (now a wine bar) at this time. Emily Harrington had also exhibited eight works at the London Salon; and one with the Society of Women Painters. All of these works were shown between 1904 and 1909.

Female painters exhibiting at the Royal Academy were few at this time and this proves to be a capable and salient work by an undervalued artist.