A Handsome Part Silk Semi Old Qum Rug 160cm x 100cm


Origin: Persia
Style: Qum
Provenance: N/A
Date: c.1940
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile.
Length: 160cms / 5.2 feet
Width: 100cms / 3.3 feet
Ref: 5181

Having a royal blue ground pierced by the Mir-i bota pine pattern made up in part in fine silks in hues of saffron, rose, cream, powder blue and splashes of ruby red, the intricate border on its cream ground beautifully complementing the less busy center.

There is some abrash and old moth to the rug, which doesn’t detract to those who like character and age and is completely acceptable for a rug of this vintage.

The Iranian name for pine pattern, Mir-I bota, is used over and over again in different forms of shawls, first in Persia, then in Kashmir, and finally all over Europe. The ‘Paisley’ pattern is descended from this motif.

South of the Iranian capital lies the town of Qum, one of the oldest in the country where Shah Abbas is buried. The Qum rug is usually knotted on a foundation of cotton and generally has a firm dense woolen pile made with Senneh knots. The colours of the ground are cream and dark or light blue, (as we see here) though seldom red. Rugs from Qum, which are not produced in great numbers, are usually easy to recognise because of their delicate pastel shades. The designs of modern Qum rugs are often copied from old ones in museums or private collections.

With the addition of the silk, this is a fine and luxurious vintage rug drawn and made by a very skilled hand.