John Richmond; The Tatoo’d Icon Collection; A Two-Seater Plywood Armchair 2022

Origin: Anglo-Italian
Period: Contemporary
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.2022
Height: 29” or 13” at seat
Width: 47.25”
Depth: 35”

After Gerald Summers (1899-1967) and designed by Tim Sheward and Andy Mcguigan, the low two-seater armchair, made in very small quantities and impressing with its simplicity, consisting of a single sheet of plywood, with zero waste, the plywood sheet comprising thirteen layers of cross-veined veneer, four longitudinal and two lateral cuts, then pressed into a mould to form its distinctive shape, the whole decorated with a revival of his classic tattoo design from 1987 and marked ‘PTR JR - 009’.

The condition is clean and sound with just small amounts of wear associated with being a year or so old. Please refer to the photographs.

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, fashion designer John Richmond, famed for his unconventional design aesthetic imbued with a "rock 'n' roll" spirit, collaborated with the artists Tim Sheward and Andy McGuigan on an exclusive design project. The final collection was comprised of the classic armchair, a two-sweater armchair (as we see here) and a coffee table, each following the aesthetics and constructions of the original Gerald Summer's design. This piece was a limited edition at five pieces each, made on request sold at approximately £6k.

John Richmond, British b.1960, In 1984 he formed The Richmond-Cornejo label with Ravensbourne graduate Maria Cornejo. Since 1987, Richmond has worked under his own name producing three lines, the main line: John Richmond, second line: Richmond X, and the denim line: Richmond Denim.
At a considerable saving from the original retail price this is a consummately cool piece of furniture that is likely to appreciate in value.