A Beautiful 1940s Vintage Bridal Ivory Net Veil & Wax Flower Headdress


Origin: English
Period: Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1940-50
Length: 97 inches
Width: 48 inches (at top ‘wings’)

The ivory net veil and dress having hand-sewn bell and floral decoration with flexible frame adorned with a cluster of wax flowers on stems presented in the original box.

Overall condition is good with very little to report concerning the material, though a small handful of the wax flowers have dropped though are provided with the dress and could be re-attached relatively easily if desired.

During the post war years of the 1940's, bride's began to develop a more extravagant veil look with half-crown headpieces featuring rhinestones and wax blossom flowers as we see here. There were various factors 1940s brides had to consider before purchasing or making a veil. Aside from economic considerations, the style of veil could have depended on the style of the wedding dress. Women did not want to overshadow their dresses with a glamorous veil, so if the dress was simple, oftentimes the veil was kept simple.

This is delicate and attractive example of vintage bridal wear, typical of the forties and now very much in favour again.