A Charming 19thC French Sycamore Provincial Farmhouse Kitchen Table


Origin: French
Period: Early Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1820
Length: 58.5 inches
Width: 30.75 inches
Leg Room: 24 inches

To seat up to six, the fine-grained sycamore five piece plank top over octagonal legs and flat H stretcher, with a single frieze drawer under.

The condition is fine with superb deep patination to the top displaying a full and rounded overall colour. There is a kink to one plank making it slope downward, but this only adds to its character, whilst there is evidence of worm but it is ancient and there is certainly no new infestation. The handle to the draw is later.

Farmhouse tables from France such as this are seen more often than not in fruitwood or cherrywood so this example being in sycamore makes it scarcer and thus more desirable and the wood here has a truly deep sense of character throughout.

With the dining room becoming more of an oddity and the open plan kitchen becoming more of the norm, this country kitchen table is an extremely desirable piece of furniture in today’s market making it a standout choice for 21st century dining.