A Charming 19thC Naïve School Portrait of a Scottish Deerhound


Origin: English
Period: Mid/Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1860-1880
Canvas Height: 6 inches
Canvas Width: 7 inches
The Whole: 9.75 X 11 inches

The delightfully proportioned nineteenth century oil on board, painted in the naïve style, depicting a Scottish Deerhound in profile with ringed collar set against a tobacco coloured ground the whole presented in its original acorn leaf gilt wood and gesso frame.

The painting is apparently unsigned and in un-cleaned condition. The overall condition is wonderfully original with an even craquelure apparent and there are no signs of damage the painting, with one or two small areas of loss to the frame.

Executed with a good dexterity and a keen eye for texture and light, the animal has been depicted naively with a sweet demeanor and the colour palette, though limited, is very effective. The Victorians adored dogs, which were by far the most popular domestic pet of the era, led by their much esteemed Queen Victoria, the English found comfort from daily toil by returning home to their favorite pet. The charming subject in this picture would have been no different.

The original condition, small proportions, subject and style of this picture prove an irresistible combination making this a very desirable daub indeed.