A Charming Mid-19thC Provincial Stained Pine Farmhouse Table c.1840-50

Origin: English
Period: Early Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1840-50
Height: 29.5”
Width: 45”
Depth: 23.5”

The provincial stained pine farmhouse table, having a single frieze drawer with knob handle under a three plank top on block legs to an h-stretcher, the whole in attractive worn condition, with the stained finish now beautifully timeworn with age and use giving a dry and untouched appearance and surviving from the second quarter of nineteenth century England.

The condition of the table proves sturdy and useable with a superb dry finish to whole and a rounded overall colour. It may have been estate made, and it proves very provincial with quirks to the shape of the top, with two corners being rounded and some holes where the old nails are now absent. The handle to the draw is possibly a later replacement. The drawer runs cleanly. The stretcher is worn nicely commensurate with years of abrasion. It is quite light so it would not be suitable for very heavy objects.

Provincial furniture was made in the provinces or rural districts, typically in England and France and also rural districts of Italy and holds a rural, country or farmhouse flavour, typically less flamboyant than fast changing fine furniture trends initiated in royal courts over past centuries.

A charming and attractive rustic piece that could work just as easily as a desk or side, centre, kitchen or serving table.