A Charming c.1934 Crawford & Sons Ltd Tin Biscuit Barrel Money Box; 'Fairy House' by Mabel Lucie Attwell


Origin: English
Period: Early / Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1934
Height: 7.75 inches
Top Diameter: 7 inches

Hailing from the Art Deco period, the William Crawford & Sons Ltd tin biscuit barrel with money box formed as the lid, 'Fairy House', by Mabel Lucie Attwell for Christmas 1934, in the form of a mushroom with typical Attwell characters around the stem and coin slot to the roof.

There are few surface blemishes to the painted surface mainly to the mushroom cap, but the piece has not been over cleaned, or restored. There are two small dents to the top and the makers name to the base has all but faded.

English artist Mabel Lucie Attwell was born in London in 1879 and died in Cornwell 1964. She was a shy child and liked nothing more than to sit with one of her sisters and make up little stories to which she would draw the illustrations. From the very beginning her work was in constant demand. She not only illustrated for children as she was equally famous for her unique ability to reach adults through the drawings of children. Mabel's illustrations can be found in many of the popular fairy tale and nursery rhyme books, including Peter Pan and Wendy, Alice in Wonderland, The Water Babies, and Andersen's and Grimm's Fairy Tales and the Lucie Attwell Annuals.

A magical and charming art deco period piece encapsulating Attwells trademark childlike innocence.