A Finely Detailed & Ornate French Silver Plated Jewellery Casket


Origin: French
Period: Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880
Height: 4 inches
Length: 9 inches
Width: 6 inches

The lid with a border of intertwining flourishes, with vines, grapes, leaves, and flowerheads, enclosing a central panel composed of six medallions describing mediaeval scenes of beneficent men offering alms to the poor and needy, the medallions themselves created through the use of a single rope twist border, accompanied by various birds and other animals; with decorative clasps and hinges affixing the lid to the body. The lid opens to a sumptuous blue silk lined and padded button backed interior for storing treasured items.

The sides of the casket are divided into three friezes divided by beaded rows, the upper and lower frieze of various floral motifs, the middle frieze including birds, panthers and mythical beasts amongst foliage and vine twists. The casket sits on fine splayed feet, and the underside is stamped “A.B. Paris”. As often with boxes such as this, the lid does not quite sit flush, and there is some light wear to the lining; both slight issues that are reflected in the asking price, and which do not, in our opinion, spoil the overall appearance.

The quality of work displayed on this box is of very high standard: the beautifully rendered scenes, figures, and animals are crisp and well defined, the subject matter varied and profuse, and the overall impact is of a beautifully made and handsome object.