A Good c.1935 Herbert Terry & Sons 1227 Anglepoise Lamp


Origin: British
Period: Early/Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1935-38
The Base: 6 inches square
Height: 35 inches (at maximum)

The art deco period early three step angle poise lamp made by Herbert Terry & Sons Redditch being cream decorated with a square stepped base with stamped makers marks, the lamp originally designed by George Carwardine `The Anglepoise`.

The condition is fair to good with losses and tarnish to the cream enamel and some looseness to the wiring but overall sound and original whilst holding positions well enough. The lamp is in operational order but is not PAT tested and not brought up to modern fitments.

The Anglepoise lamp was designed by George Carwardine (1887-1948), an automotive engineer who owned a factory in Bath which developed vehicle suspension systems. He loved to tinker in his workshop and especially enjoyed developing different types of springs. During these experiments, Carwardine designed a new type of spring which could be moved easily in every direction yet could also remain rigid when held in position. He patented his spring design on 7 July 1932 and set about finding an application for it. Having finalised his design, Carwardine decided to license it to Herbert Terry & Sons, a manufacturer based at Redditch in Worcestershire which supplied springs to his factory. The first version of the Anglepoise lamp, the 1208, was produced by Terry in 1934 with four springs. It proved so popular that two years later Terry introduced a domestic version, this very example, the 1227 with three springs and an Art Deco-inspired three tier base, which looked more stylish than the single tier base of the 1208.

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