A Large Framed & Glazed British Rail North Eastern Region Leeds City Departures Timetable c.1966


Origin: English
Period: Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1966
Height: 29.5 inches
Width: 39.5 inches
Framed: 41 X 31 inches
Condition: B-

The large British Rail departure sheet showing train times for the 18th April to the 4th September 1966 from Leeds City Station printed by Stafford & Co. Ltd, Netherfield, Nottingham, presented in a simple black frame.

Condition is fair to good; there is some creasing where the poster has been folded prior to being framed, and there is one corner of loss, but the poster is in decent order considering it wasn’t meant to survive much past it’s six month timetable.

Leeds City station was partly rebuilt in 1938, and 1962 and a year after this poster was issued, in 1967, a further re-modelling of the site took place, when all traffic using Central station was diverted into the City station with it becoming the single main railway station serving the city. Central station was closed and has since been demolished.

This piece of ephemera is appealing as it mentions many stations that are now defunct , whilst also being surprisingly decorative with its simple three colour print scheme.