A Large Oak & Gilt Painted Honorary Plaque for 'The Chairmen of the Council'


Origin English
Period: Late Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1970
Width: 29.5 inches
Depth: 2.75 inches
Height: 41.5 inches

Of Suffolk interest, the large solid oak architecturally shaped plaque honorary board with gilt lettering listing the ‘Chairmen of the Council’ from 1894 through to 1970 once hanging in the Cosford rural District Council building in Suffolk, England.

The structural condition is good with the oak showing no signs of infestation, the colour and patination glowing and appealing, the gilt lettering still very apparent. There is one thin vertical crack, which runs half way through the center.

This piece would have been wall mounted in the Cosford Rural district council building until 1974 when the council was dissolved by the merger of the Borough of Sudbury, Hadleigh urban district, Cosford Rural District, Melford Rural District and Samford Rural District into one local government district; Babergh. Its council headquarters is now based in Hadleigh, with its largest town being Sudbury.

Whether one has anything to do with Cosford, or being a chairman of sorts, matters not; this is unique, decorative and above all, evocative of treasurers, clerks, large halls and furrowed brows.