A Mid-19thC English Provincial School Oil on Canvas of a Pastoral Scene

Origin: English
Period: Early/Mid Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1850-70
Width: 10”
Height: 12”

In entirely original condition, the provincial oil on canvas painting of pastoral scene of two grazing cattle amongst the rural green fields of England and a partly cloudy sky, to an elliptical surround, presented unframed, indistinctly signed lower left J. Wares?? the reverse stamped for Reeves colourmen and the composition surviving from the early to mid-Victorian period.

The picture is in entirely untouched condition with no restoration and showing an even amount of craquelure to its surface. There are a few very minor areas of flaked loss and it remains un-cleaned by us with one small puncture. To the reverse of the picture there is a Reeves stamp and a picture framers label (in part). The stamp reads REEVES & SONS, MANUFACTURERS, 113, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. The signature could be scrutinised further which may prove fruitful.
This was clearly painted by a good hand using good materials and it beautifully typifies England’s green and pleasant land.