A Mid-20thC Mounted Taxidermy Badger Mask


Origin: English
Period: Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1940
Shield Height: 11 inches
Shield Width: 8.5 inches
Depth (with Head): 8 inches

Presenting Boris, preserved in simply superb condition, mounted upon a good quality oak shield and ready to watch over those he sees fit for purpose.

Boris was the mayor of Bullingdon, the capital of Badgerville and was well respected amongst his peers. Boris had high principles and an independent mind, and still holds a singular place in British Badger history by precipitating, on a sham point of order, the fall of his party leader and Prime Minister Anthony over the Deciduous crisis.

In 1926 he married the Hon Rose, younger daughter of the 1st Baron David. The marriage was dissolved in 1931. He is survived by his wife, Lara Lettuce, whom he married in 1937, their four sons, and by a daughter from his first marriage.
Asked of Boris’ last words on his deathbed, his son added: “He was tremendous, little short of superb. On cracking form.”