A Mid-Victorian Painted Pine Trunk c.1860


Origin: English
Period: Mid-Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1860
Depth: 19”
Width: 25”
Height: 19.5”

The attractive inky blue black painted pine trunk having a hinged cover and two iron side handles and newspaper lined interior, the original layer of newspaper dating to 1867, the whole sitting on its original iron castors and surviving from the middle of the nineteenth century.

This chunky and well-made trunk has some obvious signs of use: there are old scratches and the paintwork has naturally distressed in the appropriate areas, mainly to the bottom front section where she will have been kicked. There are small sections of edgings missing. It is clearly a well-loved, well-travelled, versatile and essential item of Victorian times. The paper interior is interesting and hails from The Times, Saturday August 17th 1867.

Trunks date back to pre-medieval times and were made in a large variety of shapes and sizes and from many different materials. 1867 saw the sport of lacrosse is introduced from Canada, the laying of the foundation stone of the Royal Albert Hall by Queen Victoria and the formation of Wasps Rugby Club.

A very decorative and useful piece painted period furniture which could now be used in any number of ways. Board games?... I think.