A Rare & Very Unusual Victorian Glassware "Passion Meter"


Origin: English
Period: Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: N/A
Date: c. 1890-1900
Height: 6.75 inches

The bulbed tube containing a mysterious amber liquid, and a delicately formed small lamp work bird. When held, clenched in palm, the bird rises (or not!) depending how passionate one is.

If of fervent disposition the bird happily dances around on the rising bubbling amber current but if a damp squib, the chap sits calmly in his bed at the neck of the tube. The bird is beautifully rendered, the lampworking being of high quality.

There are no chips or cracks to the whole, the liquid is still clear and the glass bird still chirpy, making this scarce example of whimsical Victorian glassware in excellent condition.

Results have been surprisingly varied at Doe & Hope HQ, but I can happily report that none other than Count James Du Bonnet seems to be the most zealous member of staff.

Now; it is surely your turn?