A Splendid British Vintage Royal Standard Flag


Origin: British
Period: Early-Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1910-20
Height: 29 inches
Width: 34 inches

The printed Royal Standard flag in soft thin cotton is in excellent condition with a slight fade across the fabric but remaining very vibrant. There are no holes to report and the condition is good considering the age.

When the Queen is at home, the royal flag, split into four quadrants and flying from Buckingham Palace is the Royal Standard; never flown at half-mast. The first and fourth quadrants represent England and contain three passant gold lions  on a red field; the second represents Scotland containing a rampant red lion on a gold field; and the third quadrant represents Ireland, containing the gold coat of arms of Ireland on a blue field. In flag protocol, the Royal Standard reigns supreme and must only be flown from buildings where the Queen is present. It flies above the British Union Flag (Union Jack), Standards of other Royal Family members, and other British flags.

A very decorative flag that could be used to brighten up, and add history to, any number of spaces.