A Square c.1810 Painted Grandfather Clock Dial by Walker & Finnemore of Birmingham


Origin: English
Period: Early Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1808-1811
Height: 12.2 inches
Width: 12.2 inches

The ivory ground square dial having hand painted roman numerals and winding holes, with ‘Walker & Finnermore Birmingham” stamped to the falseplate verso where there are four pins present.

Once having been the face of a long case clock, this dial is in as found condition and has not been cleaned or restored in any way, thus retaining its charms as a decorative piece of wall art. There is minimal wear to this particular example with the face still, on the whole, remaining vivid with only minimal spotting and discoloration.

Walker and Finnemore were clock dial makers, not actual clock makers, from around 1808 to 1811 in Birmingham, England. The dials would then be supplied to the clockmakers themselves.

Whether this face acts as an imaginative way to decorate a wall with a piece of Georgian artwork or as a substitute face for a long case it proves a wonderfully decorative and beautiful antique either way.