A Versatile Pakistani Gabbeh Rug: 85cm x 62cm


Origin: Northern Pakistan
Style: Pak-Gabbeh
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Late 20th C
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile.
Length: 85cms / 2.8 feet
Width: 62cms / 2 feet

A slightly less busy all over striped design than others of its type, but a myriad of colour nonetheless, this Gabbeh is a versatile fit into many an interior. The main hues that make up the stripes are reds and blues and the ground is in several shades of off white. An appealing rug to gaze at, and of course tread upon, never the same when studied for the second or indeed the hundredth time.

From the Persian meaning 'fringe', Gabbeh can also be translated to unclipped or long pile carpets. The Gabbeh is traditionally tribal made by nomadic people, in southern Iran, Pakistan and India. They have a distinctive naive style and are especially suited to modern and eclectic interiors.

The early weaver was given only the cotton for the base, along with dyed woolen yarn. He then realized he had no established pattern, so looked at his surroundings and reproduced what he saw making each carpet unique. This spontaneous style recently achieved much wider acceptance, and became very popular at home and abroad.

Generally on a thick, heavy pile it combines large uncluttered fields with the occasional geometric human or animal silhouette. Sometimes, like this example, there are over-all abstract patterns or bold stripes.