A Very Pretty Semi Old Kirman Runner 402cm x 88cm


Origin: Iran
Style: Kirman
Provenance: N/A
Date: c.1950
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile.
Length: 402cms / 13.2 feet
Width: 88cms / 2.9 feet
Ref: 2554

The madder rose ground flanked by a broken floral border with stylized flower sprays and leaves giving way to a central rose palmette providing the carpet with a strong and beautiful botanical theme. With the Iranian, flowers have always been a favourite and principal topic, as we see demonstrated here. The colour ways of navy, rose, truffle, cream and a wonderful soft azure blue prove to be a truly handsome combination. Some of the pile has some abrash in areas but the overall effect is pleasing to those who favour worn in pieces.

The large town of Kirman in the south of Iran produces handsome and lustrous drawing room carpets in dense and strong qualities and in many sizes up to about 11’6”x16’6”. The foundation is cotton, the pile fine wool, and the knots Senneh. Pastel shades often appear in the ground of these rugs (certainly we have pastel shades in this example) and the design is conservative with old traditions continued in their floral patterns especially in the stylized roses.

This is a beautiful example of a traditional runner, in a large size, that of which have been popular in England for some time and rightly so.