An Attractive 19thC Painted Grandfather Clock Dial


Origin: Possibly Italian
Period: Early / Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1820-40
Height: 17 inches
Width: 12 inches

The eight day face with arch top and rolling wheel hand painted with roman numerals, the corners with floral posies surrounded by a turquoise ribbon motif border, the top arch depicting a hand painted rural farm house scene with a peasant at the door of a stone house with trees and fallen log to the foreground against a sky blue sky. Verso the there is one pin present and the reverse of the rolling wheel.

Once having been the face of a long case clock, this face is in as found condition and has not been cleaned or restored in any way, thus retaining its charms as a decorative piece of wall art. There is minimal wear to this particular example with the face still, on the whole, remaining vivid.

An imaginative way to decorate a wall with a piece of nineteenth century artwork at an affordable price, whilst grouping various dials together makes for a great spectacle.