A Large Early Victorian Giltwood Wall Mirror c.1840-60

Origin: English
Period: Early Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1840-60
Height: 42”
Width: 42”
Depth: 5”

The large and beautifully evocative square framed wall mirror with circular sight, displaying a nineteenth century rectangular mirror plate, with some attractive flecks of spotting, being housed in a distressed and elaborate frame at five inches thick, formerly for an oil painting, the whole with lozenge line decoration to large acanthus leaf corners, being carved in pine and gilt gesso, the pair being a marriage and each surviving from the early Victorian period.

The mirror is in decorative and naturally aged condition and is attractive in its originality and the fact it has not been meddled with. The good period glass plate is slightly foxed so it retains its use as intended by being clear in the main. The frame has obvious losses as photographed and would have been a very good and expensive frame at the time of its conception. There are mounting hooks present and backboards are in place.

A porthole to another world, perhaps to Satis House?