An Interesting c.1854 South American School Pencil & Watercolour Portrait of a Girl


Origin: South American
Period: Mid Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1854
Height: 13.5 inches / With Frame:17 inches
Width: 10 inches / With Frame: 16.5 inches

Indistinctly signed F.FIELDER and dated to 1854 the framed and glazed watercolour and pencil portrait of a South American Girl, head and shoulders, the face dainty with blue grey eyes and thick braided dark hair with scarlet headband and native stitch work dress survives from the middle of the nineteenth century.

The condition is very good; the 20thC frame is more contemporary and thus is in good order whilst the painting, suffers no visible flaws. There are other pencil markings to the left flank of the drawing but it is rather difficult to decipher.

The drawing and painting is sensitively fashioned unobtrusively, the girl is painted with a serene colour palette, she is calm, perhaps pensive, though content, and beautiful. We cannot find any other information on the artist as F.Fielder. Whether the artist is of South American origin is unclear but clearly the subject is and works depicting females of this type are pretty scarce.

Meriting further study, this work proves to be an interesting and attractive picture and a rather unusual one at that.