An Original Belgian Lithographed Poster "Labeur cercle d'art"


Origin: Belgium
Period: Late 19/early 20th century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1900
Height: 42.5 inches
Width: 31.5 inches
Depth: 1 inch

Depicting a muscular Perseus or Bellerophon arms aloft , astride a rearing  Pegasus, both reaching towards the sun and bathed in sunlight. The bold text “Labeur Cercle d’Art” appears in the lower right corner. The poster is signed in the lower left corner “?CA Oryns”. There are some early fold creases and one very small area of loss, but the poster is otherwise in generally good and decorative condition. It is mounted and framed in a quality aluminium frame, ready to hang.

The Le Labeur art society was begun in 1898, its founder-members included Fernand Schirren, Louis Thévenet, and Willem Paerels, and they were later significantly influenced by James Ensor. They expressed themselves with a direct visual language, employing the use of simple, luminescent colours, and exact compositions, aspects of artistic ideology perfectly put to use in this poster.  As the group expanded and grew in influence, and later became known as the ‘Brabant Fauvists’. A bold and striking piece of period design, created at a liberal and exciting time in the development of the Belgian avant garde.