An Unusual Herat Belouche Rug: 145cm x 82cm


Origin: Herat, Afghanistan
Style: Herat Belouche
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Late 20th C
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile
Length: 145cms / 4.7 feet
Width: 82cms / 2.7 feet

Expertly drawn, this is not a typical belouche rug as both ends are crafted in kilim sackcloth, usually used for prayer rugs and bride carpets. These mat like ends are made by crossing the colorful wool fibers from the warp horizontally and then combing it into the ground, so the sackcloth is always horizontal and colorful. The small central field is well executed with a running dog inner border and a larger outer border populated by geometric motifs.

Belouche is an ancient Persian design that originated from the work of the nomadic Belouche tribe. These wonderfully individual pieces are most often found in smaller sizes purely for ease of handling whilst wandering in the mountain regions. Belouche pieces are often directional or asymmetrical in design and are common-place prayer rugs. They are typically woven in dark shades of reds and browns with tan, blues and ivory.

Most Belouche rugs are woven in the hills of Afghanistan and imported from Pakistan. One of the most pleasing thing about a Belouche piece is that the imperfections in their execution are a pleasing change for many in the contemporary world.

An unusual belouche with strong nomadic charm.