An Unusual & Whimsical Art Deco Walnut Box Surmounted by an Articulated Terrier


Origin: English
Period: Art Deco
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1930   
Height: 4 inches
Width: 4 inches
Depth: 4.5 inches / 7 inches with Dog

Having a hinged cover, the burr walnut box with gilt edging on a plinth base, opening with pressure to the tail of the mounted articulated terrier dog. The dog himself is wonderfully well carved, the details are intricate and show great skill, whilst the quality of the timber used is the whole construction is excellent.

As pressure is made to the tail the body lifts up with the lid and the dog finishes in a cheeky begging position, leaving the box open. The movement is smooth with no snagging. General condition is superb with no pieces lacking, chips or restoration work. The articulation is all in good order and the interior is clean.

The term Art Deco encompasses the distinctive styles in art, architecture and design, and is typified by bright bold colours, and stylized designs derived from the onset of industrialism, as well as artistic movements such as modernism, cubism, and futurism. It is one of the best loved, most influential, instantly recognisable, international, and elegant of all artistic periods.

A highly unusual and beautifully made box, perhaps unique, that would appeal to dog lovers, those with a penchant for the fanciful, and certainly those of us with a sense of humour…on that note, my dog is much less obedient than this likable chap and he can’t store things either.