Hamadan Rug: 70cm x 56cm


Origin: Hamadan, Western Iran
Style: Hamadan
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Late 20th C
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile
Length: 70cms / 2.3 feet
Width: 56cms / 1.8 feet

Of extraordinary design, the field articulately drawn having four stylised marauding stags with laurel like horns facing the centre of the piece bearing flowers in pastel tones. The palette is also unexpected with azure blues and greens mixing with shades of slate, black accents and the ground colour of red. The three-tiered border comprises all of the hues mentioned in rosettes and links. A highly unusual and rare piece.

A large town in Western Iran, Hamadan is the market centre for many surrounding villages. Hand weaving in this area is a centuries old tradition, with each village having its own distinctive design and colouring. Many Hamadan rugs are of medium texture and are made with camel hair in hexagonal designs.

Hamadan pieces feature the Ghiordes knot and local wool is lustrous and tough, with the rugs being noted for their hardwearing qualities. Typically these rugs have borders harmoniously enclosing a large central field covered with the pine or cone pattern Mir-i-bota which is beautifully set on the plain ground.

Hamadan rugs are mostly found in smaller sizes, such as this piece, many of them being the work of nomads.