Maimana Kilim Rug: 289cm x 195cm


Origin: Afghanistan
Style: Maimana Kilim
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Mid/Late 20th C
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile
Length: 289 cms / 9.5 feet
Width: 195cms / 6.4 feet

Of typical Maimana form, the kilim of geometric design coloured in navy, slate, white, red and amber. The central design of stepped lozenges set upon the burnt orange ground delineated by a white running dog border at the top and bottom. The outer borders of dogtooth design. The whole is an example of an eye bending, yet attractive, myriad of pattern and colour. Fully reversible if required.

These tribal kilims are woven by Uzbek weavers in the central Afghan region in and around the city of Maimana. Maimana, capital of the Faryab province, is a bazaar for kilims from the surrounding areas of northern Afghanistan and bordering Turkestan. Maimana kilims, often large, and particularly hardwearing, were originally woven indoors on large vertical looms. These pieces are easily recognizable by their simple patterns of diamonds and triangles, in bold reds, oranges, blues and browns, the central designs often being delineated by white borders. The main borders of the kilims themselves are geometrically patterned traditional designs, such as darakht - tree design, or daryaa - river design.

The ancient designs have changed little over the centuries. Made with 100% wool and entirely hand woven, these kilims are exceptional value for money.