A Beautiful Post Medieval Silver Bifacial Cross Pendant; ex Sir Francis Cook Collection


Origin: English
Period: Mid Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Silk collection, London, UK; ex Czechoslovakia auction, Kolekce Malych Krizu PI.Refordove, a collection of 87 cross pendants from the collection of Mrs R.W. Reford, the collection originating in the course of the 1920's in England; ex francis Mallet, Malllet & Son, New Bond Street, London; ex Sir Francis Cook (1817-1901) collection, 1st Baronet, British merchant and art collector.
Date: 1840-60
Height: 2 inches
Width: 1.25 inches
Weight: 6.96 grams

The silver pendant comprising a bifacial cross with saltire detailing, rosette finials and palmettes between the arms, having a crucifix to the obverse and the Madonna and child to the reverse; terminating in an integral suspension loop above.

In very fine condition and ready for suspension, the pendant does not suffer from loss or damage and remains un-cleaned presently with a gentle patination to the silver.

Cross symbols predate Christianity, and ancient objects bearing crosses have been found in most parts of the world and the cross is the most well-known symbol of the Christian faith. It represents the death and resurrection of Jesus and serves as a reminder of our own sins and our need for redemption.

Amongst the various owners who have been custodians of this pendant, the first was Sir Francis Cook, a self made millionaire and serious art collector, today he is best known for forming one of the most important art collections of the nineteenth century. His collection formed at Doughty House, Richmond, is known today mainly for a number of extraordinary masterpieces but also his artifacts and jewellery collected over a long period of time. Sir Francis’ antique gems and mediaeval jewellery were left to his second son, Mr Wyndham Cook after his death in 1901.

In super condition this pretty pendant is a beautifully formed, intricately detailed and well-proportioned piece of religious jewellery, with superb provenance.