A c.1900 Victorian Watercolour Paint Box; ‘The Gainsborough Gold Colour Box’

Origin: English
Period: Late Victorian/ Edwardian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1890-1910
Width: 8.25 inches

The turn of the century rectangular tin `Gainsborough Gold Colour Box` watercolour paint box, enclosing twelve glass tubes of differing shades of gold coloured paint, together with two small associated(?) mixing pans.
The box is in fairly good order with expected pitting and wear to the painted tin surface and eleven of the twelve phials are undamaged, one has come away at its top so is cracked. The labels to each remain largely in tact and the two mixing pans are in good condition but we are not sure if these are associated or not as they don’t quite sit flush in the two side compartments.

This is a rather unusual paint box, being twelve differing shades of paint but with gold bases, and would have been rather a luxury item to the painter of the period.