A Charming Late 19thC Oil on Canvas of a Violin

Origin: English
Period: Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880-1900
Canvas Height: 26.25 inches
Canvas Width: 14.75 inches

The well-sized oil on canvas painting depicting a traditional Stradivarius type violin realised on a dark charcoal ground survives from late nineteenth century England.

The picture is in fair overall condition with an even amount of craquelure to its surface. There are a few areas of flaked loss, most notably to the violins centre and then flaking to the edges of the whole. This makes the picture decorative and, we think, at its most charming. Verso there are some faint pencil marks and the canvas has had a new mdf backing added at some stage.

The picture does have a signature lower right in saffron yellow, which is hard to decipher though this does suggest the piece is a standalone work and not a fragment of a larger composition.

Violins have been the subject for works of art from time to time and sometimes feature as part of a trompe l`oeil works of art especially in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Most though, have other parts to their composition, rarely is a violin the only focal point, as it is here.

This picture is of rather unusual and whimsical subject matter, unflinchingly depicted, and thus it proves hugely decorative.