A Collectable Pair of Vintage Huntley & Palmer Tins


Origin: English
Period: Mid-Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: Cocktail Assorted c.1955, Octagonal c.1950
Cocktail Assorted: Height: 2 inches, Depth: 6.5 inches, Width: 9 inches
Octagonal: Height: 5.5 inches, Depth: 4 inches, Width: 4 inches

The first with the images of three triangular glasses and cocktail shaker, and the second in octagonal form bearing a maiden and a basket of flowers. Both are stamped with the Huntley & Palmers marks. There is some tarnish to the octagonal example.

In 1975 Huntley & Palmers Public Relations office issued guidance on 'When to serve British Biscuits'. For cocktail biscuits the guidance states: "One of the most popular ranges of high quality English biscuits. These biscuits are ideal for serving at cocktail parties which are themselves an ideal way of entertaining friends. These biscuits can be served in so many ways, either on their own being flavoured with cheese, tomato, curry and herbs or with a savoury dip."

Huntley & Palmers biscuit tins were as highly prized as the products they contained and today they are collectors items. From miniature replicas of vehicles to tins that could be re-used as household objects, there were no limits to their ingenuity. However the tins were originally created for a more practical use - the airtight storage of biscuits so that they could be transported to distant customers and stay oven-fresh and unbroken.

Two tins that are collectables of the future.