A Decorative Early 18thC Italian Carved Gessoed Wood & Pressed Leather Relief Panel


Origin: Italian
Period: Early Eighteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c. 1720-40
Height: 17.5 inches
Width: 21.5 inches
Depth: 2 inches

Of rectangular form, centered by a lyre above a laurel wreath, flanked to each side by scrolling foliage, grotesques and musical herm figures, with a band of trailing flowers and foliage to top and bottom, set into a carved wood frame with stiff leaf surround, the frame later associated.

This would have started life as a panel or lid to an early music cabinet or secretaire in early eighteenth century Italy. Condition is fair, the wooden frame surround is soft and liable to chip, and the overall state is somewhat distressed but as a decorative artwork this really only works in the pieces favour. We believe the back panel is pressed mottled leather and the relief is carved wood, probably pine.

This panel is an extremely attractive piece that has a deep and rich history unbeknown to us as appraisers, but remains a wonderful and decorative object all the same, hanging now as an artwork; no less than it deserves.