A Fantastic Original c.1940 Vintage WWII Period Poster; Britain is Pledged To Smash Japan


Origin: English
Period: Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1941-45
Height: 31 inches
Width: 21 inches
Condition: B
Poster Dimensions 30 x 20 inches

The anonymously designed lithograph poster set against a white background depicting a low level view of a British tank, flying the Union flag, cresting over a hill with the text: Britain is pledged to SMASH JAPAN under, printed by J Howitt & Son Ltd of Nottingham, England.

Condition is good; there is some light creasing where the poster has been folded prior to being framed, the vibrant colours still very evident and no tears or holes.

On 8 December 1941, the War Cabinet of His Majesty's Government authorised the immediate declaration of war on Japan, following the Japanese attacks on Malaya, Singapore and Hong Kong. Winston Churchill then pledged that ‘Great Britain will pursue the war against Japan to the very end’.

With its bold design and intrepid statement, this poster appears in the Imperial War Museum archives and is a superb decorative specimen of original British War related propaganda ephemera.