A Fine c.1895 French Terrestrial Table Globe; “Globe Terrestre” prepared by J FOREST, Paris

Origin: French
Period: 3rd Republic
Provenance: Unknown
Date: 1895-1900
Height: 21 inches (the whole, with finial)
Diameter: 10 inches (the globe)

The well proportioned paper, plaster and cardboard, ten-inch terrestrial globe concerned with physics, politics and history, with brass meridian circle and finial standing on the original turned ebonised base, the whole prepared by J FOREST, and stamped as such; ‘Globe Terrestre a l'echelle de dresse par j.forest en vente a paris chez l'auteur 17 rue de buci’ at a scale of 40,000,000 .

The globe has suffered in its long years, and has at some stage been separated into its two halves and re-attached so there are several areas of repair, though they are old, so they do prove decorative. As such, this globe is perfect for someone looking for a decorative globe of good size and considerable age rather than a seasoned collector looking for a ‘perfect’ example. It does show a lovely patination which comes with handling over the years.

Besides the details one would expect from a globe such as this you can also see the main railway lines and those planned, the submarine cables, and the paths of the major shipping lines and the Marseille- Noumea 57 days ( liner maritime messaging). Interestingly, the boundaries of colonial possessions are identified in colour and referenced to a key; ‘Possessions D’Europe’. This globe is also "historical" because under certain islands or territories, the date is inscribed on which they were discovered.

Very evocative of a time when traveling was a real luxury, now providing a real decorative presence as well a fascinating insight into the world over 115 years ago.