A Fine Early 20thC Mounted Taxidermy Fox Mask Dated to 1914


Origin: Early Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1914
Shield Height: 11 inches
Shield Width: 9 inches
Depth (with Head): 11.25 inches

Introducing Margo the fox, preserved in excellent condition considering her age, mounted upon a good quality shaped shield with hand-painted script: “Found At Cold Norton Gorse…Killed At Hoses Wood, March 18th 1914,’

Margo was no law-abiding fox. During her long life she became known as the greatest pick-pocket this country has ever seen with her considerable dexterity and knack for misdirection. With a blink of an eye she could lift pocket watches, purses and jewellery from even the most alert of victims. Her most famous theft was lifting a medieval posy ring from magpie Jim.

When the hound police finally caught up with Margo after years of close shaves and near misses, they had no choice but to shoot her as she fled once again for freedom in the depths of Hoses Wood near Cold Norton on March 18th 1914.  A loveable rogue, we remember her fondly today. Almost one hundred years since her passing, her famous last words; “Business is the art of extracting money from another’s pocket, without resorting to violence”, said with a wry smile; the very same can still be seen upon her face to this day.