A Fine Group of Three Polished Jurassic Period Globular Geological Dinosaur Coprolites


Origin: American
Period: Jurassic
Provenance: Found in Moab, Utah, USA
Date: c.200-145 million years BP
The Largest: 8 cms long
Weight: 555 grams

Each with varying degrees of orange, black, grey and white, the fossilized dinosaur coprolite (dung) found in Moab, Utah, USA.

In fine condition, now well polished for display and with a smooth finish, the colour and patination very apparent, and differing, in all three specimens.

Dinosaur droppings have proved crucial for modern-day scientists. By examining these fossils in detail professionals can figure out if they were created by plant-eating, meat-eating, or omnivorous dinosaurs and even identify the type of animal or plant that the dinosaur had last consumed. For most coprolites, though, the exact identities of the dinosaurs that produced them will remain forever a mystery.

A fascinating and ever so slightly amusing group of fossils that make for fine conversation pieces. Just not with dinner.