A Fine Novelty Victorian Walking Stick with Parquetry Balloon Handle


Origin: English
Period: Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880
Length: 35 inches
Handle Top Diameter: 2 inches

The ebonised oak cane profusely carved with nulling, terminating in a steel collar and a fine and unusual balloon shaped parquetry chequered mahogany handle, with the original brass ferule also present. The handle is, in particular, wonderfully tactile and conjures up the magic of hot air balloon flight in Victorian times.

Condition is largely fine; there is some discolouration to the collar and some small dings to the base ferrule but nothing to cause alarm.

Walking sticks, while innocuous looking objects at first sight, can also be decently employed to effectively fend off ruffians, or to gaily swing as one perambulates through the town, or even to generously retrieve a child’s toy from a stream.

This particular stick is probably too attractive to swing about with such undue care so we would suggest simply resting it jauntily in the corner of a room, or even, employing it for its intended purpose; a good walk with swagger.