A Fine Trio of Early 20thC Lepidopterist Cases


Origin: British
Period: Early Twentieth Century
Provenance: J Burnett (?), 136 Renfield Street Glasgow
Date: c.1910-30
The Cases: 9 x 7 inches each

The three numbered open fronted cases, each white lined with lift out glazed tray lids, housing a total of eleven early twentieth century specimens of moths and caterpillars.  Each tray is marked verso in hand written black ink with a number, and the collectors details; “J Burnett (?), 136 Renfield Street Glasgow”.

Overall condition is very good with the specimens in fine order throughout whilst the condition of the cases and hinged box are all in sound order with the glazing in tact.

One case bears four good examples of Atlas moths, with the other two showing a good variant of caterpillars, which are, rare to find from the early twentieth century. Once case has annotations reading “L.Quercus ( the Oak Eggar) Feeds on bramble, hawthorn, dogwood, and various low plants. Best looked for June - July” and the next reading “S. Pavonia, (The Emperor) Feeds on heather, slow bramble, sallow. Best looked for June, July, August”.

A good trio of cases, well displayed, and retaining good vivid colouring.