A Glorious Carved Classical Regency Period Architectural Urn Finial

Origin: English or possibly Dutch
Period: Early Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1800-20
Height: 34 inches
Width: 12 inches square (the Base)
Circumference: 42.5 inches (at widest point)

The generously sized unusual early nineteenth century softwood carving in the form of an urn of the Regency period, classically shaped, having a conical body, gadrooned and fluted, tapering to circular socle bases on a square plinth, the whole terminating with a pineapple finial.

The condition of the whole is weathered with cracks due to changed in temperature and through water collection and freeze, as we suspect she has been outside for the majority of her life thus far. This aesthetic is of course part of its wonderful charm. She leans a little to one side, the pineapple finial is a little loose and there is a repair to the base. She is sturdy though and does not require any restoration; in fact we’d be horrified if any was carried out. She has acquired, through the years, a fantastic dry texture with a limey hue akin to 16thC oak.

We have found similar designed urns of this period carved in treen as large knife boxes or ice boxes, and some of Portland stone but none carved in wood solely as a decorative object, and it is certainly rather unusual and scarce. She fits in well as part of the overall classic and elegant aesthetic of the Regency period. We know the urn has spent most of its life over in Holland, though whether it was conceived here is not abundantly clear.

Gloriously decorative.