A Good British School Oil on Canvas; Male Nude Study Dated to 1936

Origin: British
Period: Early/Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1936
Canvas Height: 16 inches
Canvas Width: 14 inches

The unframed oil on canvas in the classical style depicting the head and upper torso of a nude male the subject with a downcast gaze, dated ’36 for 1936 and indistinctly signed with a monogram (MD?)

In entirely untouched and original condition the canvas does have one flaw, which is, a surface gauge mark running to the lower part but it doesn’t detract from the whole in a major way. The picture has not been cleaned or restored in any way and as such is decorative.

The palette used here is unusual, being made of entirely of a spectrum of greens, browns and yellows, giving the picture an earthy feel. The angular brush strokes are reminiscent of the art deco period which is when the picture was painted. The use of shadow is especially important here.

An immediately striking, well-painted portrait.