A Good c.1940 Two Seater Kelim Upholstered Sofa

Origin: English
Period: Mid Twentieth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1935-50
Height: 34 inches
Width: 65 inches
Depth: 34 inches (all at maximum)

The two-seater sofa with kelim upholstery to the seat and back with scarlet velvet trim piping and forest green backing and side paneling, the whole on turned beech supports, surviving from the second quarter of the twentieth century England.

The condition is clean and sound with expected wear commensurate with 60-70 plus years use. Her springs have been re-aligned and re-positioned whilst her beech legs are all original and sturdy. The velvet trim is a little loose and worn in places with one of the pompom tassels lacking but not of real concern, and there is a patched hole to the forest green backing that has been sewn up. The kelim itself is good all round. The springs are soft, so this is not a firm sofa, there is a lot of give in the springs, so she is more water bed than premier inn.

Kelim upholstered furniture has been a popular bohemian covering for sofas since the nineteenth century. The likes of George Smith and Liberty were also keen on upholstering using kelim. This is a far more affordable sofa than that of its nineteenth century counterparts.

Perfect for quirky bohemian layabout sorts just about anywhere.