A Good Late 19thC Oil on Canvas; Still Life of Sunflowers by E M Ashford (British, fl.1882-1904)


Origin: British
Period: Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1885-1900
Canvas Height: 23 inches
Canvas Width: 13 inches

The part canvas Victorian school fragment painted in oils on canvas depicting two sunflowers against a smoky swathed satin background, the flowers in a inky blue vase sat on a ledge, the whole presented unframed.

The painting is in as found condition and signed EM Ashford in ruby red whilst to the reverse one can see where the painting would have once been a larger picture. Once part of a larger painting this is quite a large fragment of a bigger composition, though it does prove to be a substantial standalone work. The piece has some wear to its rather dry surface with some paint lift and it has not been cleaned.

E M Ashford is recorded having a work sold on behalf of Sothebys London in 1985 for £1800, a fair sum then, the painting entitled ‘Trio of Wolfhounds’ and so we know he or she was quite a highly regarded artist but any more substantial biographical information on the artist seems to be scarce.

This is a very accomplished painting, the high skill of the artist is evident, and we feel it’s condition and it being unframed only add to its overall charm. A real gem.