A Highly Decorative 19thC Painted Terracotta Model of a Lion


Origin: Austrian or Italian
Period: Late Nineteenth Century
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1880
Width: 12.75 inches
Height: 12.75 inches

In original condition, the generously sized hand painted recumbent terracotta lion with long whiskers and flowing mane supporting a shield inscribed VBV, the oval base impressed KPV, survives from the late nineteenth century.

The condition is thoroughly tired which is part of its appeal. There is a large crack running though the center, which has later been repaired. The paint has flaking to the whole and the shields writing is now mainly indecipherable.

A terracotta piece of this type is almost impossible to attribute with any certainty though in terms of country of origin, through its style we can conclude it is either Italian or Austrian of descent.

This lion has one hell of a decorative roar.