A Large Mixed Collection of Forty-Four 19thC-20thC Glass Apothecary Bottles

Origin: English
Period: Victorian / Early 20thC
Provenance: Robert Read of Thorne, South Yorkshire, England
Date: c.1870-1930
The Tallest: 10”
The Smallest: 4”

In largely original condition, the good mixed collection of forty four bottles, to include some measuring jugs and one pottery example, the group spanning a fifty year period, some with multi-faceted stoppers, some being LUG (label under glass) with others having hand painted labels, to include four green and one blue glass example and not having yet been on the open market and hailing from Robert Read of Thorne, South Yorkshire, England.

The condition is excellent considering the age and the nature of the contents, there is only two bottles with damage whilst and with nigh on all with the original stoppers. Many of the bottles still contain their original contents* with crystals amongst opaque liquids and colourful blues, yellows, oranges and greens making for a fascinating collection.

It is possible the entire collection came from Robert Read of Thorne; which was latterly Harrison's Chemists shop (which we also see labels for here) but for many years previously (since about 1910) had been Robert Read's Chemists. A notable example is Moles Poison of which we cannot find another comparable example.

Of significant interest to not only the collector of medical history, but also to those searching for an original shop front display or decorative fix for a dull room or window, and a good collection that represents a nice timeline for the history of the apothecary.

*Doe & Hope cannot be held accountable for any misuse of the contents within the bottles post sale.