A Late Nineteenth Century Hand Painted Canvas Decoy Goose


Origin: English
Period: Victorian
Provenance: Unknown
Date: c.1890
Length: 66cms
Width: 27cms (max)

When you are out hunting geese, a pastime in which many of us partake of a weekend, this little chap will prove invaluable in attracting other geese to your hiding place, so you can stand up and shoot them at point blank range. If you don't hunt geese, he will still make an attractive bedfellow or friend. His plumage is fairly rubbed, but still distinguishable; and he has his original eyes and tacks holding him together.

Decoy ducks and geese are very collectable; indeed the highest price paid for a decoy duck at auction is over $600,000 for a carved and painted example. Made for use, it is typical to find signs of wear, and although this example has avoided being shot, I am sure that he has witnessed quite a few!