A Lively Azeri Kilim Carpet: 366cm x 193cm


Origin: Turkey
Style: Azeri Kilim
Provenance: N/A
Dated: Mid 20th C
Hand Knotted 100% Wool Pile
Length: 366 cms / 12 feet
Width: 193 cms / 6.3 feet

A large, single-panel slit tapestry woven in the southern Caucasus, the whole of a burnt orange ground pierced by three large medallions and a further eight smaller tarantula lozenges featuring greens, blues, yellows and whites.

This kilim is of a rather peculiar size in that the length is a hearty twelve feet but the width only just over six. The condition is good with no repairs or tears, moth or abrash and the whole carpet can of course be reversed as with all kilims.

The Turkish produce the largest kilims, usually in two narrow pieces joined, as well as small ones and a multitude of prayer mats. As a prayer rug, which is carried about with the worshiper, the light and extremely flexible kilim offers obvious advantages. In Turkish kilims, cotton is often used for the white areas, and small details may be brocaded. The Turkish, Persian, and Kurdish varieties are quite similar, with sweeping geometric shapes including triangles and zig-zags.

All kilims are highly regarded folk art; and those that are handmade with natural dye and wool are the cultural norm. The ancient designs have changed little over the centuries. Made with 100% wool and entirely hand woven, these kilims are exceptional value for money.

This example would sit particularly well on wooden floorboards; indeed, this combination is certainly in vogue in the contemporary world.